Technology transfer to Utilities

We ensure that the benefits of our innovations are fully optimized

As a supplier of End-To-End Turnkey Smart Grid solutions, PCMA offer a full AMI program where it takes care of development, integration, installation, deployment, and technology transfer to the utility.

We takes charge of the solution deployment of projects from A to Z, by that we can secure a fast implementation and achieve the best cost value and since we are involved in each project, we have a very easy transition with local public service teams, allowing the relevant stakeholders to manage the system, while we are always there to guide you on obtaining the best system performance.

It is widely recognized that the installation efficiency, as well as the user friendliness and advanced functionality is an important advantage of the PCMA system. Leveraging years of in-depth industry experience and unique tools developed by PCMA provide customers with best practice processes generating reliable training results with a minimum resource investment (with respect to time as well as to personnel).

We provide training to transfer skills and knowledge for operating the software and hardware. The training is customized and is divided into modules. This guarantees that only the relevant personnel attend the training modules specific for their area of responsibility.

The smart metering system from PCMA is supported by the necessary specialist training staff to provide training courses tailored to the specific requirements of the customer.

We provide instructor led training, skills development, as well as support tools to ensure objectives are met before we hands over the system.