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PCMA offers a comprehensive range of smart meters and devices combining advanced metering technology, state-of-the-art bi-directional communications offering a real time AMI solution, with automatic alerts and remote readings.
PCMA helps energy providers and consumers around the globe “manage energy better”. We are proud to contribute to the development of critical infrastructure, involving the transfer of knowledge and development of technical skills.
Since all software and hardware is developed in-house, we can provide the needed flexibility and timely response to any customization requirements; as well as ability to rapidly deploy the end-to-end solution.


Combining experience and innovation to deliver results.

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Smart Grid Applications

Outage OMS

Asset Management

Load Management

Revenue Protection

RT Fraud Elimination

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Flexible Consumer Engagement

Holistic Ownership

Fast Project Upgradability

Scalable Workforce Automation

Interoperable Solution

PCMA is a leading provider of Smart Grid “end to end” solutions for electricity, water, and gas utilities; developing, manufacturing, and marketing a complete AMI portfolio of innovative products including smart meters, communications infrastructure, demand response and smart home appliances, as well as MDM software, utilizing all available open protocol communication such as RF, GPRS, and Ethernet. PCMA offers high level applications including: outage management; GIS Scada systems; load management; energy forecasting; dynamic pricing; distribution automation; and real-time losses detection.

PCMA has received extensive recognition for its exceptional Power line
Communications (“PLC”) performance, having achieved 99+% communications in
real-time. The Company has proven its superior technology through installations with utilities across the globe through a series of very successful installations with leading utilities in more than 24 countries within different environments and different types of installations. The data from these installations show that the investment payback period for the utility is very short (in some cases a few months). PCMA remains dedicated to maintaining strong recognition throughout its customer base, that the Company identifies global smart grid market trends and consistently develops the latest technology at the forefront of product innovation, which offers substantial advantage to utilities.

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