Work Force Automation (WFA)

The Work Force Automation (WFA) is responsible for automatic service and maintenance orders&reports from the field workers and installation teams.

It can be used together with other applications to provide better analysis and faster responses, for example, the data for average time required for completion of a specific task, and the maintenance occurrence time records can be used by the financial department to improve the forecasts about the cost of work.

Utilities can optimize the business process, increase customers attitudes towards the company and reduce costs, using these benefits of WFA:

  • Follow up the installation process
  • Separation of tasks into installers teams
  • Control the time spending by installers
  • Reduce the time required to solve the problem in the field
  • Reduce the risk of mistakes during data entry into the system
  • Control for consumables

How it Works

The WFA sends service orders via SMS, email, etc. the Meter Data Management receives feedback on action taken on the service order and tracks the status of service orders.

The WFA collects important data from the Field Service Terminals (FSTs):

-Asset information

-Live Pictures

-Manually entered reports from field teams

-Identified tampering/by-passes

-GIS information

The WFA gives reports:

– Number of meters installed during the day

– Average time for installation/task completion

– Installation team movement chronology

The WFA automatically sends notifications by SMS/e-mail or to mobile applications to designated staff with relevant information (as well as recommended actions, if required).

The WFA generates service orders based on configurable rules for various events and alarms, such as stop meter, tampers, problem in communication networks, AMI host server, etc.