Net Metering

Reduced Electricity Costs

With Net Metering, Consumers can export the energy they didn’t use to the power grid, enabling to earn bill credits.

PCMA’s three-phase smart meters measure and transmit generated energy data. The meters can measure and record Positive (Import) Active Energy (+A) and Negative (Export) Active Energy (-A). They can also set the Combined Active Energy with |+A|+|-A| or |+A|-|-A|. The meter will record Combined Active Energy just like +A and –A.

In consumer-generated energy generation installations, with both Import and Export of Active Energy, the meters will calculate and produce billing with +A and –A individually. Each Energy value can be measured with a maximum of 4 tariffs (T1, T2, T3 and T4) and with Time of Use function (TOU).

The meters can store Load profile data for 40 days with 1-minute intervals. The data includes values of “total positive and negative active energy value”, “active energy in multi tariffs”, “total reactive energy value” and “reactive energy in 4 quadrants”.