Meter Data Management (MDM)

To ensure a successful smart grid project, PCMA Meter Data Management System offers full capabilities for managing, controlling, monitoring and interfacing with smart metering and smart grid applications.

PCMA’s Meter Data Management (MDM) software solution enables collection, control, and automation for Smart Grid functionality of electricity, water, and gas utilities worldwide.

Our MDM is a multi-channel, multi-protocol, multi-lingual system with robust database centers, and state of the art telecommunication network interfaces, which enables high data rate collection for large-scale smart meter deployments. Providing multi-vendor management capable of integrating smart meters manufactured by various vendors and is designed with full authorization control of functional objects and users.

The system brings a solution to the overall supply chain, supporting generation, transportation and distribution. It accelerates revenue collection and reduces losses by improving theft detection. Automatic notification on tampering and losses are sent to the relevant personnel.

Main Modules:

  1. Networking: meter reading, data transmission and manual commands to the network
  2. Management: evaluation reports, graphics, messages, commands, and archiving.
  3. Database: data collection and storage of measurement places, substations, tariff definitions, customers and results.

Core Functionalities:

Automatic Data Collection: Storing, validating and archiving all meter data, the system is scalable to handle mass volumes of subscribers.

Automation of Tasks: Creating automatic task lists, and automatic alert notifications. A basic billing module is also included.

Remote Meter Management: The system allows the operator to manage any parameter within the smart end points, including application of complex tariff structure, setting maximum demand, etc.

Smart Grid Management – Enabling forecasting, load management and customer portal remote access. Assist with identification of outages and generate load profiles.

Administration of Server Database: Used for system validation, reporting, control and archiving.


Meter Data Collection & Management – Our MDMS handles scheduled collection and controls all data from meters and concentrators. The report module enables implementation of various reports and analytics. It enables aggregation of individual meter/customer measurements, virtual meters reports display, and export of data in different file types for analysis. Validating, reporting, controlling and archiving all meter data, the system is scalable to handle mass volumes of subscribers.

Real Time Command & Control – The central system is an internet/intranet-based application that allows secure control from any computer with internet access. The solution is designed to supply accurate data in near real time, which can:

  • Enable faster responses to customer service requests, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Provide the possibility of remote disconnection.
  • Remotely upgrade firmware.

Exception Management and Workflow – The system automatically and continually measures the network for un-normative consumption behavior (relating to individual meters, and meter groups). Fully customizable algorithm alert notifications are programmed into the system to send an automatic SMS/Fax/Email to the selected users. It assists with near real time identification (with the location of the event – MAP/GPS oriented device) for: outages; tampering attempts (nine different types); theft detection; line loss over the electricity infrastructure; low meter battery; etc.

Advanced Billing Data – An essential task of the MDMS is automatic provision of measurement results to a 3rd party billing software thereby accelerating the issuing of invoices and reducing the collection period. The complete data for monthly billing calculations is transferred to the billing software one hour after the end of the month, and it’s ready to send bills on the 1st day of the month. Error-free information accuracy is assured by data validation and verification modules.  The systems link each meter to a property and tenant for billing purposes. Automatic calculations on meter interval data are available to produce correct consumer bills for electricity. This includes support for applying variable tariffs such as Time-Of-Usage (TOU), and Step Tariff.

PCMA MDM Features:

+ Measurements, Events and alarms, VEE 

+ Settings

+ Gesture management

+ Tariff management and Billing

+ Customer portal

+ Net-Metering

+ Reporting

+ Network management system (NMS)

+ Exception Management