Vending Management System (VMS)

The Vending Management System is a comprehensive point of sale prepaid token vending platform supporting a wide range of payment options such as mobile money, scratch-cards, internet, and point of sale mobile terminals.

  • Web-based user interface (accessible from any client through browser).
  • Offers integration with existing meters and vending providers, as well as with other related systems like MDM, DBS, ERP, CSM etc.
  • STS encryption algorithm. The VMS can issue tokens for any STS compatible prepaid meter.
  • Can be integrated with the CMA and customer portal and the customer is able to vend directly from the CMA and customer portal.
  • Provides flexibility to send a remote command through the MDM to switch the smart meter between post-payment and pre-payment mode.


✓ Prepayment metering system

The method of credit transfer is through encrypted numeric tokens complying with the 20-digit STS encryption algorithms. The meters include a load switch for interruption or restoration of the electricity supply to the load in accordance with the current value of the available credit maintained in the prepayment meter.

The prepayment functionality logic is managed within the meter by decreasing the balance and automatic disconnection once the balance reaches “0” (zero).

The VMS allows remote charging when the token is sent directly to the meter via available communication technology once the prepayment token is issued.

The system sends low-credit notifications to the consumer when their balance approaches a configurable threshold.

✓ User management

The user management system makes it easy to create groups and manage permissions.

✓ Tariff management

The VMS can:

  • issue a token evaluated in KWh.
  • manage different types of tariffs, such as step, single or their combinations.
  • allow fixed periodical fees that can be charged with the first vending transaction.

✓ Third party vending (outsourcing)

The VMS allows outsourcing vending, when third party is buying credit from utilities with a discount in bulk and resell it to consumers on a regular rate.

✓ Debt collection

The VMS has a debt collection capability with configurable percentage paid for debt from each purchase.

✓ Reporting

The VMS has standard reporting features such as:

Sales/transactions, Debt collection report, Retailer credit report.

Sales report is presented in a graphical view with definable time periods.

The reports can be exported to a variety of formats, such as CSV, XLS, PDF, RTF.

✓ Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Terminal

A standalone POS device is designed for use over cellular communication networks, and Wi-Fi for the sale of credit for prepayment meters.

The POS terminal enables flexible vending points to be set up; ensures they are fully mobile, cost-effective and have automatic communications with the central Utility Vending Database.

The POS terminal supports a comprehensive suite of functionality, such as:

External power supply,

Internal rechargeable battery,

Integrated modem,

Thermal printer for printing the STS token number,

Large touch screen LCD,

Android based,

Be designed for use as a stationary and mobile device.