Project deployment

Analysis, Solution, Design

Power-C Metering Africa employs a comprehensive methodology that reduces complexity and uncertainty from end to end, ensuring superior, customized Integrated Smart Metering solutions for utilities. From initial project analysis to final deployment and beyond, Power-C Metering Africa supports the delivery of the solution on a turnkey basis.

Power-C Metering Africa can assist in the preparation of a project master plan. To guarantee the performance of the end-to-end solution as well as its on-time delivery to full specification, Power-C Metering Africa offers project management services such as project plan development, risk management, quality management, multi-vendor contracting and more. The master communication plan contributes to the development of a high-level target reference architecture that guides network and operations planning, paying specific attention to CAPEX and OPEX investments and the trade-off between the performance of new technology and security/availability requirements. Powercom ’s lead architect is responsible for developing the solution road-map. For each road-map progress point, Powercom manages the design and architecture of the overall network and subsystems for both hardware and software.

End-to-end integration, tests and validation ensures mission critical service requirements are met. When a solution is particularly complex, Power-C Metering Africa offers a hosted lab environment for testing, and also supports trials on the customer’s own premises. The challenge is to integrate disparate multi-vendor, multi-technology systems into an effective smart metering solution. Testing makes sure the turnkey solution is compatible with each utility’s specific requirements.

Power-C Metering Africa can guide the development of all processes, methods, and procedures necessary to get a customer’s end-to-end solution up and running. We also install and commission hardware and software and perform field-level testing. This service is available for initial deployments as well as future ‘scaling’ deployments. Power-C Metering Africa helps define migration strategy objectives, success criteria and associated scope, ensuring that all activities and their inter-dependencies are carefully managed for zero disruption of the utility’s supply to customers. Power-C Metering Africa can provide full support for operations and maintenance with cost-effective outsourcing agreements covering some or all aspects of its smart metering solution, including managed field operations, multi-vendor maintenance, managed network operations and managed security. Through these agreements, Power-C Metering Africa takes full responsibility for the smart metering system while generating OPEX savings for the utility operator.