Powercom develops innovative solutions emerging as a new facet of power industry. It incorporates numerous advanced technologies to deal issues prevailing with conventional electric networks, capable to resolve many issues such as energy theft and ensure grid stability.

Concentrator (PCCG340)

Concentrator (PCCG340)
The PCCG340 Concentrator (DCU) manages sensor readings using Communication and includes mass memory which holds up to three months of all sensor readings, acting as a smart gateway between the sensors and the data management software (MDM). The Concentrator support multi communication protocols and multiple communication methods (Serial Interface, USB, LAN-TCP/IP, PLC, GPRS and IR). The Concentrator firmware supports remote upgrade and performs manual and automatic tasks, predefined in the central software.


3phase 4wire

Stores the data in non-volatile memory

Provides information on GPRS signal quality and GPRS data size back to the control center


In case of a phase loss, it still functions

In case of power failure, it stores the data for later upload to the management system

Enhanced network visibility and cost control