Powercom develops innovative solutions emerging as a new facet of power industry. It incorporates numerous advanced technologies to deal issues prevailing with conventional electric networks, capable to resolve many issues such as energy theft and ensure grid stability.

Réseau de gaz intelligent

Réseau de gaz intelligent

Turn you Gas Grid into a Smart Grid Platform

Worldwide recognition has developed for the real need to increases intelligence throughout the gas network using a 2–way fixed network communications solution enabling access to every end-point in near real-time. This is a « network » that can monitor events in real-time, control flow while immediately and automatically alerting the system operators of un-normative events.

Based on a fixed network 2-way unlicensed RF communication system (with 99%+ reliability), the system is an “end-to-end” platform which incorporates interoperability with a variety of smart end-point vendors and is controlled by a user friendly central software system.

Reliable 2-way fixed network communications enables a variety of applications such as:

  • remote meter readings on demand;
  • synchronisation of meters’ real-time-clocks;
  • identification of gas leak;
  • customer access to granular consumption data via an online portal;
  • remote control of flow, and valves in near real-time;
  • pre-payment functionality including charging of the smart meters via the communications;
  • extension of meter battery lifetime by communications handshake enabling meters to revert to sleep mode when  communications have been confirmed;
  • remote firmware upgrade of network elements (meters, repeaters, concentrators) via the Meter Data Management (MDM) software;
  • tampering alerts in near real-time;
  • remotely update Time-of-Use (TOU)/step tariff tables.

The system gives utilities the peace of mind that the solution they deploy is already well established and proven, and will create a secure, data highway for mission critical applications like smart metering, as well as a clear path to the utility network needs of tomorrow.

Quick Specs:

  • True two-way fixed network communications with high-performance reliability, availability and scalability
  • Single concentrator (aggregator) can handle up-to 40,000 endpoint.
  • Multi-layered security (from endpoint to user interface).
  • Unlicensed frequency operating in 850-920Mhz
  • Protocol: RF – Modbus;
  • Bandwidth: 52kbs both sides;
  • Communication distance 1.5 km line of sight (LOS) 300m built up (depending on local conditions) from meter before requiring a repeater;
  • Star Network – Certain meters can be configured to perform as repeaters. The repeaters are mesh.   It is a learning system.